the pyro spelling for fire. Used when a pyro is on a rampage.
by Kate Templar July 9, 2005
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When you get “bait and switched” on an event or reservation you booked. This word is derived from the fyre festival where the patrons were sold a luxury island music filled weekend but arrived to find nothing even close to the images or descriptions they were given.

When a company uses nice digital or stock images to lure you in but upon arrival you find something of much less quality.
John:I was looking at this hotel on line and rooms looked so good but when I showed it it was a shit hole.

Bob: You got Fyred.
by Phear24 January 28, 2019
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To be a good grade of something, such as marijuana.
1. I smoked some fyre doughty the other day, the shit had purple hairs in it!
2. That girl gives good head, but her firend's head is fyre.
by E-DUB, MAYNE! August 6, 2009
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When you’ve been conned out of your hard earned money. Term coined from the infamous Fyre Festival. Not to be confused with being Mcfarland’d.
“I just gave that man $500 for Met Gala tickets
“Bro, you’ve been fyred
by Puddddinnnnnn February 8, 2019
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When an event is supposed to happen but the people in charge fuck everything up
"Yo are you still going to DJ that party at USC?"
"Nah that shit got fyre fested the person in charge was trying to use ticket money to pay for the equipment and it fell through"
by k?d47 February 2, 2019
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