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The worst kind of pretend office punish meant to mess with annoying workers. This word comes from The Office Season 3, Disc 4. The conversation where this word comes up is written below.
*Jim walks into the office late*
*As he sits down Dwight hands him a yellow slip of paper*
Jim Halpert: Oh, what's this?
Dwight Schrute: That is a demerit.
Jim Halpert: *reads* "Jim Halpert. Tardiness." Oh, I love it already
Dwight Schurte: You've got to learn Jim. You are a second in command, but that does not put you above the law.
Jim: Oh, I understand. And I also have lots of questions. Like, what does a demerit mean?
Dwight: Let's put it this way. You do not want to recieve three of those.

Jim: Lay it on me.
Dwight: Three demerits and you'll receive a citation.

Jim: Now, that sounds serious.
Dwight: Oh, it is serious. Five citations and you're looking at a violation. Four of those and you'll recieve a verbal warning. Keep it up and you're looking at a written warning. Two, of those, that will land you in a world of hurt, in the form of a disciplinary reveiw, written up by me and placed on the desk of my immeadiate superior.

Jim: Which would be me.
Dwight: That is correct.
Jim: Okay. I want a copy on my desk by the end of the day or you will receive a full desaggelation.
Dwight: What's a... What's that?
Jim: Oh you don't want to know.
*Dwight looks horrified*
by addicted_to_the_office November 04, 2009
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