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A guy that can pull any girl and the best looking beside his brother Amir meaning Prince to gather they are the only one girls want they are the most handsome dudes you'll ever see
by Princeamir February 23, 2017
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Usually tall,athletic,sexy,and funny he has the biggest dick anyone has ever seen and would give you the time of your life, He is a great boy friend and friend he always gives good love advice and is a caring person
"Damn Derrion is sexy"
"Derrion is a nice person"
by fortnite player February 12, 2018
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Derrion is a social outcast who watches porn because he can't get a bae.

Usually that guy who always asks his friends; bro go talk to this girl for me.
Bro stop being a Derrion and talk to that girl if you want her.
by SexyPrince December 07, 2016
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