Coined by punk guitarist Frank Iero in a tweet. Means to be depressed and a lesbian
Omg they are such a Depresbian”
“I identify as a Depresbian”
by EmoGayShit February 8, 2021
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A slightly depressed teenage gothic girl seeking attiention.
Wears crappy things and complains to anyone who listens.
you'll know her when you see her.
by Ashley teh Blake April 20, 2004
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Not to be confused with a presbyterian, though the two are not mutually exclusive.

A seemingly depressed, relatively butch female. Typically middle-aged and married to a chubster. Realizes she can't leave him to pursue women because she's past her prime and too afraid to experiment with life.
Dude, gary's wife looks like a sad lesbian trapped in the life of a housewife.

Must be a depresbian.

lesbian depressed Presbyterian
by Pancakefield July 10, 2011
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