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A strange bald creature that somehow managed to get his job as the Hendrick Middle School Orchestra Director, despite his love for souls and mustard. He will often scream at random times and scare small children. This of course is why he teaches middle school, not elementary school. He has no soul, but he DOES have a heart. This is why he takes the souls of his students, and band kids. He uses them to keep him alive. He stores his souls in a closet to consume later on. Dennis Langevin is not only powered by souls, but his love for Starbucks. There are many theories about Dennis Langevin. None of these theories are ever true however. No one has, and ever will know the truth about Dennis Langevin.
Dennis Langevin loves to eat souls with mustard, and wash it down with his Starbucks.
by RyanS34 February 21, 2017
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A man that suffers from bone growth deficiancies causing him to be of short stature. "Dennis Langevins" suffer from hairloss. And it seems that his hair might have taken his only sanity with them. He is so crazy infact that whenever his hair does grow back, he shaves it so that he can stay in a total state of insanity. A Dennis Langevin needs an outputs source for his extra crazyness, and therefore takes up position as orchestra director where he can entertain and freak out all that he must. Every once in a while there is a Brownscombe that comes along to tame this wild Langevin. Let it be said that she often succeeds, yet also adopts his crazyness. But when a Brownscombe leaves the Langevin is free to reek havoc amongst Hendrick Middle School. Let this be a warning to all.
by Simmicircle August 25, 2010
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An Orchestra Director that suffers from alopecia areata. He enjoys eating souls and watching the Band Director slither into a banana costume. A scary man that helps his orchadork students kidnap band kids and sacrifice them to the holy lord ChinChin. The founding mother of orchestra.
Itzel: “Dennis Langevin isn’t very scary”
Fellow Orchadorks: “He literally just ate Jacob’s soul”
Itzel: “I was the one that kidnapped him though, you should be scared of me!”
Fellow Orchadorks: “Langevin has eaten more souls than you though!”
Fellow Orchadorks: “Isn’t he from BTS and isn’t he like 14 years older than you?”
by OrchadorkThatLikesBTS September 30, 2018
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The man. The myth. The legend. A true god amongst men. Filipino Jesus, some might say.
However, with this power comes weakness. These weaknesses? A strange case of baldness, an unshakeable need to consume the soul of an innocent Chamber violin, and an affinity for all mustards and Starbucks. His height is also a considerable setback in his battle against inaccurate notes and rhythms.
You should not anger this special species. Although it is docile at most times, an inaccurate rhythm or being an Asian violin player has the possibility of angering a Dennis Langevin.

There is, however, a counterstrike to a Dennis Langevin’s erratic behavior. Mr. Burnside, and only he, has power to calm a wild Langevin. With his New York calm and odd fondness for vests and transition lenses, he is able to subdue the anger of a Dennis Langevin.
Take extreme precaution when playing music and especially existing. Only you can prevent a Dennis Langevin outburst.
*a large and loud crash is heard overhead*
Chamber Orchestra: Oh my god! What was that?!
Langevin: DID I HEAR AN I N A C C U R A T E N O T E
Chamber Orchestra: *descends into panic*
It’s Dennis Langevin!
by sophia dlg October 24, 2018
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