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Denae is a true beauty. She is very compassionate, understanding and accepting. Hates drama or any thing of the sort. Beautiful from head-to-toe, soul-to-mind. A Denae is super friendly but is also very selective of who is apart of her circle. Getting into an intimate relationship with a Denae is rare. Denae's aren't much for having relationships, they are care free and think of their freedom before anything else. Feel lucky if you happen to find yourself engaging anything remotely intimate with a Denae. Although Denae's are kind, they are often mistaken for being flirtatious. Denae's have an uncontrollable temper that they will take out on you if you piss one off. Denae's literally see red when made upset or mad and you will get the horns, boy. Bottom line, don't fuck with a Denae.
"Bro! that girl is fucking badass! She must be a Denae!

Damn, I wished Denae would be my girlfriend.
by wolffty September 29, 2013
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In India, a princess, specifically, the ruler of a native state. Too great to be counted, and often unpredictable.
Jessica: Oh, shit, Becky, did you see that Denae?

Becky: Oh, I know babe, that bitch was all uncountable-like.
by Mark Bonjovi April 28, 2008
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Pronounced deh-nay
Can be used as a verb and noun.
A denae is another word for chicken head. These are girls who suck on a lot of penises who can also be known as sluts or whores. They thrive on making other women or girls feel bad about themselves and they are known for their big mouths.
wow shes denaeing the hell out of that girl
by Loveydovey1823 June 10, 2011
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