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1.To prove or show something by giving any evidence.
2.To make actions,to tell that you've a particular quality.
3.To make actions to show that how to do something.
4.To take part in a protest or an event that is supporting something.
1.she showed his blooded shirt just to demonstrate that he has been killed!!!!
2.He was trynna show that he could dance good by dancing in front of me in the club.
3.You ain't doing it rightly,let me demonstrate or let me give a demo.
4.We're gonna demonstrate in tomorow's protest!!!!
by Hafi February 08, 2010
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the opposite of monstrate, which is the ability to turn into an inhuman creature (i.e. count chocula or joan rivers)
look over there, that old man is demonstrating himself in front of those teenage girls!
by Paul July 27, 2004
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