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5000 years ago in a land filled with midgets and fairies, an internet disease known as DemonShit666 came up. His name has been synonymous with one massive, miniature Metropolis-sized fecal matter with an unbelievable stench and excruciatingly hilarious quantity, much like Jack Black's shit in Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. A true Demon Shit has a perfectly formed shape, usually repetitive in large quantities, with a smell so unbearable that even Indians will potentially pass out and die, and a humorous factor due to the broken anus that the demon shitter will have
"jesus christ what the fuck happened to Ray?"
"goddamn nigga demon shitted himself, ripped his rectum and literally shat himself inside out."
"mother fucker."
by ninjapisser January 29, 2009
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