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cool industrial-metal band with strong vocals but isnt annoying at all.
the best song : "im with stupid"
band with awsome songs to freak dance to.
static-x added me to their friends list on myspace.com!!
by xCHRISx December 27, 2004
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an really awsome hardcore rock band that has a cool growl on the beginning of their songs.

a band that has good lyrics and a good mixture of "dirty(screaming)" voice and "clean(melody singing)" voice, but both voices are very good, and have an amazing mix in their songs. i.e. "Not Ready To Die"
what?? you dont know demon hunter??
you have to get the album. it wont bore you because its not just plain screaming the whole time!!
by xCHRISx December 05, 2004
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queen of indie rock.
(lo-fi rock.)
sexy lady who can play the quitar...and knows how to cuss!!
liz's new album cover was hella sexy.
by xCHRISx July 18, 2004
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a very smart, arty, canadian singer, who has a clear vision on what she wants to do that has been in hole for 5 years(1994-1999) and the smashing pumpkins for 2 years as a bassist.

bass / guitar player who is very stylish and wairs unique(frenchy) clothing who looks good in orange&brown.
melissa auf der maur is very skinny.
melissa auf der maur knows how to live a full life!!
by xCHRISx December 05, 2004
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a malibu barbie doll who sings PJ harvey lyrics- (quote)Courtney Love
one of my favorite lyricists.
esp. the song "lemon".
she can play guitar so i say loose one guitar player in her band.

NOT AVRIL!!! ugh i hate when people compare...atleast not avril...theyre on a different level(katy is on top)!!
i cant throw up i dont think i even wanna try. - lemon
by xCHRISx December 05, 2004
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a rock trio that has a unique sond with a mix of the 80's and alter-picking guitar stings.

a friendly band who has a vocalist with a sweet singing voice.
i just saw maxeen today, and they were very nice.
by xCHRISx December 05, 2004
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a emo band with true lyrics that arnt like other bands (ahem...blink 182) who talk about making out in bed.

a band who put on a GREAT show.

a very funny/friendly band who jokes around, but have meaningful lyrics.

a mis-understood band.... just because theyre on MTV.
give them a fucking chance!!
by xCHRISx December 05, 2004
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