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It should also be noted that a demobrat has no grasp of the issues but is instead fed all of their ideas and talking points from their liberal school teachers and college professors and from rock stars and celebrities and Hollywood and Mtv and the liberal news media and liberal media at large.They also have zero understanding of history or human nature and no concept or belief in right and wrong or good and evil.So to them saying that Adolf Hitler or Joe Stalin was evil is ony subjective opinon and not a fact.
A Demobrat forms most of their views in life based on information they have accumalated from the Viacom corporation.
by fuck you dickholes September 10, 2006
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A Demobrat is a wanna be anarchist that likes to bash our government and countries values, even though they're upper class kids living on Mommy and Daddies money. They're at the top of the worlds food chain and the main drain of it's resourses but take no responsibility for their own actions and blame everything on the government, USA,conservatives and Christians.
Demobrat: Those frikin neocon Christians have screwed this world up! I'm go'in to the Greenday concert to protest with them. Where's my Dads credit card?
by JD January 31, 2005
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Today the behavior of the Democratic Party was nothing more than childish and demobrats, our government has become a bunch of childish people unable to act like adults.
by Mont Az February 07, 2019
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