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A member of the LGBTQ+, who doesn't identify FULLY as female, but classifies themselves half-female. The other half can sometimes be Non-Binary, but it really depends.
Their pronouns are usually, They/Them and She/Her.
Person: Who's she?
Me: It's them, and also THEY are a proud and beautiful, Demigirl!
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by aiden2024 August 19, 2020
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demi-girl is a gender identity describing someone who partially, identifies as a female or feminine, whatever their assigned gender at birth. the other parts could be non-binary, agender or male .

Demigirl can be used to describe someone assigned female at birth who feels barely connected or disconnected to that identification, but usually, does not experience a significant enough dissociation to create real physical discomfort or dysphoria. Demigirls may also identify as demigender. demigirls most commonly use she/they pronouns but pronouns are just a word and dont have to fit into labels or looks!! reminder that youre valid and ily <3
josh :sally is a demi-girl
emma: yes they are
james: yes she is
by treatpeoplewithkindness October 06, 2020
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Demigirl is someone who manly identifies as a female, but not completely.
"Are you a boy or girl?"

"Neither, I'm a demigirl"
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by Kiwi <3 February 25, 2017
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A person who doesn't have a gender, but isn't comfortable with being agendered. They maybe slightly more feminine than a agendered person, but they still aren't completely female

Not attention seekers
Person one: are you a boy or a girl?
Person two: I'm a demigirl, I use them/their pronouns
by phanningoverbandsforlife January 06, 2016
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Someone who doesn't fully identify as a girl, so they use she/her and they/them pronouns
Person 1: hi how are you?
Person 2: hi I'm good, I have to tell you something
Person 1: what is it?
Person 2: well I'm a demigirl, so I use she/them pronouns, so when you refer to me use bother they/them and she/her pronouns please
Person 1: oh yeah I totally accept you and I'll try my best
by Dumbass 101 December 19, 2020
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Someone who's gender identity varies, but ranges from girl to neither girl nor boy
"Are you a girl or boy?"
"Neither, I'm a demigirl"
by Satanspussy May 27, 2015
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