Demigirl is someone who manly identifies as a female, but not completely.
"Are you a boy or girl?"

"Neither, I'm a demigirl"
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by Kiwi <3 February 25, 2017
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A person who doesn't have a gender, but isn't comfortable with being agendered. They maybe slightly more feminine than a agendered person, but they still aren't completely female

Not attention seekers
Person one: are you a boy or a girl?
Person two: I'm a demigirl, I use them/their pronouns
by phanningoverbandsforlife April 17, 2016
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A person who does feel girly but not enough to call himself a "woman" . Can be male or female.
Person1: Are you a girl/woman?
Person2: Nah, I'm a demigirl.
by Avys November 27, 2014
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A gender that no one normal person really cares about since the same people who created and support such a construct also tend to be the same ones under the privileged circumstance of living in individualistic nations, rendering such defining terminologies as nothing more than attempts to put labels on individuals (ironic when these terms are often used to outline a non-gender-conforming identity), when in reality, individual behavioral tendencies and interests are just about as varied as anyone else even when considering gender and sex. Psychological and sociological studies indicate statistical data, and for all anyone could really care, individuals can either fall within or outside any normative curve, which in itself, a norm.
Brenda: My online job application wants me to state my gender, but I hate how they only have a drop-down option for male and female! I can't believe this, I'm a demigirl! This is institutional gender discrimination!

Caryn: Girl, who dafuq cares tho? That gender list just came out last week: you didn't even know what dafuq you were until Buzzfeed told you what dafuq you're supposed to be.
by Yas,bich,yas December 26, 2018
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