A person assigned any gender at birth who partially identifies as male. Feeling male is usually more predominant than other genders.

An example is a person who identifies as mostly male but also feels agender.
"He is a demiboy because he partially identifies as male."
by eelis_boi August 2, 2018
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Falls under the transgender and particularly the nonbinary spectrum. Someone who identifies as part male, part something else. The something else is undefined in the umbrella term, but could be many different genders.
From the Gender Wiki:
Demiboy can be used to describe someone assigned male at birth who feels but the barest association with that identification, though not a significant enough dissociation to create real physical discomfort or dysphoria, or someone assigned female at birth who is trans masculine but not wholly binary-identified, so that they feel more strongly associated with “male” than “female,” socially or physically, but not strongly enough to justify an absolute self-identification as “man".
I was born female, but I feel partially like a boy, but I also feel partially genderless (or agender), too. That means I'm a demiboy.

I was born a boy and identify partially as a boy, but I also feel like I identify as another gender.
by BoxedGecko April 10, 2015
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A beautiful amazing talented and brilliant boy who doesn’t feel 100 percent like a boy. They might use He/They or He/She. Alexa play girl in red
Jacob is a demiboy so he uses he/they
by Asher Amaizono February 25, 2021
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A person who was assigned any gender at birth who identifies as partially male and partially non binary. Demiboys usually go by he/they pronouns. Also demiboy can also be said demiguy, demiman, etc.
"He is a demiboy. And their pronouns are he/they."
by Dani1010 August 18, 2021
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half male, half nonbinary/agender
Alex is a demiboy, they arent completly male, so he uses he/they.
by AlexTheGay1243 March 14, 2022
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Also called "demimale" or "demiguy", someone who identifies as partially male and partially something else (most commonly male/non-binary or male/agender). They may also use he/they, they/he, or just he/him. Anybody can be a demiboy regardless of their biological sex, as it falls under the non-binary umbrella.
"Did you hear Jake identifies as a demiboy? They're trying they/he pronouns."
by guywhotypes May 18, 2023
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people who call themselves, or identify as a man, but not entirely, would be considered a demiboy.

demiboy's might also use the terms trans man, masc presenting nonbinary people, or just man. they would use the pronouns they/them, and he/him. the opposite of this would be a demigirl
Aaron wants to be called a demiboy now. their pronouns are they/he. he seems to be happy with this label
by Tobias-The-Remizoid October 28, 2022
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