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The name of a beautiful lady full of warmth and busting with joy for life. She enjoys dancing and loves her family. Her smile and bright eyes grabs your heart. She has a passion for everything that she undertakes. A great friend! She's another word for warm friendship.
A: Is that your friend?

B: She's not just my friend she's my Demara!
by Tahitian Pearl February 04, 2010
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A disgustingly tall caucasion african. Smells like used condoms extra ranch and never takes a shower. Once had a guy pee in his mouth because havig sex with the guy would be considered "gay". Has no life except for the rare moments he spends with his sexy girlfriend Larissa. Spends the rest of his time sleeping dreaming about getting licked by random male strangers or googling his name over and over only to find that hes nothing but a useless glob of sperm. Nothing more to say about this horrible creature.
Tracy: OMFG!!! Wat is that hideous glob of shiyte that just flew out of ur penis and hit the wall??

Herman: Oh, thats just Demaras.

by Sexiyness November 15, 2009
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