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A girl with brown hair and eyes. She's some one that wants things to be her way every day. She's your average book worm who just wants some one to be genuinly her friend. She's shy at first and spends most of her time lurking inside the library. Call her pretty and she'll believe you for a second. Tell her you love her she'll believe you for a lifetime. Gaining her trust can take a life time, but once your in her inner circle she'll fight for you no matter what. She's some one you should never lose contact with. Take her to a club and she'll be the life of your party.
Boy: Who is that...?
Boy 2: Her oh that's Delylah... i think you'll like her..."
by Louis Bitch May 08, 2013
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Manipulative, tricky, sneaky and fun to be around. Full of laughter and love but she will cut you if you mess up.
Delylah is the type to cut your breaks then come visit you at the hospital.
by Alina2787 December 07, 2016
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Delylah is a very kind and intelligent girl, She can sometimes be very complicated to talk to but other times she is very easy to talk to. You can open yourself up to her and she will not judge you. She is a great friend, she will ask if you're ok. She'll try and make you feel better. She will succeed most of the time.
Delylah Idk what to put here
by Betsonic or PinkyMcFinger June 17, 2018
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Delylah is a complicated but sweet person. She could warm your heart, or be exactly what breaks it. She’s often really insecure and has some trust issues especially with guys, but if you really love her, she will love you even more back. She has gone through really serious shit in her life and has made mistakes she can’t ever take back, but at the end of the day she does what she does and if anyone wants a problem, she isn’t scared to go up to anyone talking bad on her name. Jealous hoes often like to talk on her name for no reason, but won’t say it to her face, and do something about it and she doesn’t fuck with people like that. Her circle is kept small but she can be very social and isn’t afraid to be loud sometimes. Delylah is indeed petty but she’s not fake at all, she’s a really good friend to talk to and she’s down to stick with that one special person for the rest of her life, but he has to be willing to put up with her crazy. Delylah is good and honest in any relationship she is put in. She hates cheaters and liars so if you do it once, you can’t ever expect her to feel the same way about you again. Delylah is a very genuine person and someone to keep for your life.
Girl 1: Omg is that Delylah?!
Girl2: yea why?
Girl 1: I heard a lot of shit about her

Girl2: whatever you heard you shouldn’t believe. She’s honestly a really good person, trust me!
Girl 1: she seems like a good friend
Girl2: she really is
by TruthNames.Real January 14, 2019
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Delylah is a girl that is one of a kind and you could never replace. She is very funny and you could always trust and talk too. Be very careful cause she can cut you off very easily. Other wise she is very pretty, popular, funny, trustworthy, and so much more. Delylah is a person you can’t live with out. She can be mean at times but deep inside she’s very nice. She always is there for her friends no matter what. She’s very fun to hangout with and her personality is to die for. You could just never replace a girl named Delylah! She is the best person you will ever meet.
(Is that Delylah?)
Yup !
(I heard about her)
Me too !
by the real tea February 17, 2019
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