The smartest man known to Earth. Usually known as a bad-ass, this man is the smoothest talking guy you will ever meet. He is great boyfriend material and knows how to make any girl happy. Although he has a funny, carefree exterior, he is very loving and kind. If you find a Delvin, make sure you don't let go!
"Did you see that guy? I heard he is awesome and has a huge d***!"
"Oh yeah, that's Delvin."
by Addison567 April 12, 2013
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That one friend everyone has from college. He rarely says anything, and even if he is fat, he is known as a huge lightweight. Frequently pulls all-nighters and seems to spend as much time playing video games as he does studying. No matter what, you can always count on him to be a homie and fun to be around.
Guy 1: Oh no, Delvin's losing in rocket league again!
by olafmniphrynzrqehj August 20, 2019
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A genius, with the skills to be a great man and a pimp.
Delvin is the smartest man I know, he truly is a genius!
by D. Williams November 19, 2003
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