Delo is a very sexy and fine person he loves touching girls ass and eats pussy very good and has went out with a girl that her start with a I and and has a brother or sister that her or his name starts with a d and if you was to get pregnant by delo he would take care of his child and it will most likely be a boy and delo has a very big dick cums very quit .
A girl:delo ate this pussy Last night
Another girl: ik he made my legs shake
by Co co lo lo June 15, 2019
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A nonporous object that retains water at rates as high as ninety-eight percent. It is commonly found rooted in large walnut trees and rye fields. Also refered to as Momdad, the delo is directly effected by the Moons (Lunar) pull and may be eaten by nats if surfaced.
The woman used a delo to contain the families drinking water.
by Jac Mary November 22, 2007
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The daddies of dads, one of the hOtTeSt science teachers ever.
Girl 1: I have daddy delos next period.
Girl 2: Good luck with you lady boner.
by Peachybeb April 24, 2019
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Joel Delos (noun) - A shitcunt, incapable of elevating himself off the ground more than 30cm. Also is a main target for crow feces and cannot complete any locomotive moment with a tear in clothing. Cries on a daily bases and can't walk straight.
by Joe is a Hob May 19, 2016
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When you put half of a smoking joint up in your ass screaming brrrr
by Therealdelonotherfucker November 25, 2021
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