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Complete and utter domination. What one should strive to be. True happiness found through living by the morals of Delk. Delk is not found by searching, a person will simply be enlightened by something in life that shows them the light. They will then become Delk.

Delk is not an adjective nor a noun--It is simply a way of life.
Ex 1

Person 1 - "Duuuuuuuuude, you just got the only perfect score in the ENTIRE SCHOOL!"

Person 2 - "Seriously, that's so Delk."

Person 3 - "Quit complementing me guys, that is not the Delk way."

Ex 2

Commentator - "And he hits his 9th three pointer in a row! This kid is unbelievable! Domination!"

Kid - "That's not domination...That's Delk."

Ex 3

Person 1 - "Man, I wish I was Delk."

Person 2 - "If you wish you were Delk, that means you aren't Delk, in which case you can't be enlightened to BE Delk because you are aware of the existence of Delk...Complicated stuff. You'd understand if you were Delk."
by coffeejanitor October 19, 2007
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A delk is a domesticated elk, and they are known to be sexually passive or indifferent to advances of sexual of any nature. Also they fart out of their mouths and linger way too long at parties, to the point that it get uncomfortable and confusing at times.
what ever you guys want to do is cool with me, do you mind if I grab one of your beers first, yeah for sure anything goes.

Mike you are such a delk.
by T.A.G.A. May 27, 2010
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(Hunting term) The technical term for when you've bagged an elk in deer season or a deer in elk season.
"Hey Clem, what you got in the back of yer truck?"

by blurghl January 14, 2012
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1. (n.) What happens when a deer has sexual relations with an elk.

2. (n.) A product of boredom and having no life.
1. When the deer got it on with the elk, they had a delk.

2. This definition is definitely a delk.
by papermachete October 28, 2005
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