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Supreme; incredibly awesome; Extremely yummy. Used to indicate extreme satisfaction.

Possibly a combination of the words: Delicious, Marvelous, and Devilish.
Oh my! I have never had such a delivious hot dog in my life.

Dude, you should totally check out this delivious new video game. It will blow your socks off!
by Ziggit June 23, 2009
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dank and as i mean that by:

" So, dude i went to the club and there bud was sooo delivious. It was ridiculous man."

sweet and as i mean that by:

" YO! So i got a delivious barrel in Malibu yesterday, it was narley."

very yummy and as i mean that by:

" Oh Mah Gosh.. Okiee so, I went to paris baguette and there pastrries were so delivious. It was bananas."
by xiv Captain Crunch December 18, 2009
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