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Delina is a egotisitcal person but deep inside doen't that that highly of her self or does she. She has a contaigous laugh and a bright personaily. She is a little clumsy and sometimes embrasses herself. She is an extrovert and always surrounds her self with lots of diffrent people but she also likes being lazy and alone on her phone. Delina tends to forget things but she is very smart. Delina can be a kind carring friend.(Delina is A DELINA WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! BUT DONT BOTHER HER WHEN SHES ON HER PHONE... OR ELSE!!!!!!!
Delina: Your literally just watching youtube and I'm watching netflix bye.

Shreeya: You did a preety good job on the project
Delina: PREETY GOOD I'm the best at everything I do
Shreeya: Sureee

Shreeya: Says a long explation on how I hurt her feelings
Delina: I'm really sorry extremly sorry what can I do so yo can forgive me (Says 50 sorrys)
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by HEY123456789012234 August 02, 2018
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A name from italy. Means a girl whos down for anything, the underdog will surprise you, and watch out shes stubburn as fuck!
Watch out for delina, she'll surprise you with her italian charm!
by sooopphhiaa October 09, 2011
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A person who is tall and has a super loud and super cute laugh and wears glasses. De'Lina also loves to talk like a redneck cajun. WARNING:Her laugh is VERY contagious.
by knowde'lina November 21, 2010
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