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All things considered, the best working band in the world today. A perfect blend of pop and experimentalism, with some of the most interesting and exciting drumming recorded in recent years.


Greg Saunier - Drums
Satomi Matsuzaki - Voice, Guitar
John Dietrich - Guitar
Deerhoof are fucking brilliant.
by johnny two heartbeats May 27, 2006
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A tasteful blend of swans playing bugles, various forbidden fruit (some of which are jagged), rabbit-dogs and mole-birds, pandas, pandas, pandas, mint-flavored hot air balloons, lemons, little lemons, and stab wounds caused by bananas and strawberries.

More specifically, the creative genius that is Satomi Matsuzaki, John Dieterich, Ed Rodriguez, and Greg Saunier.
- What the hell just happened?
- Deerhoof just happened.
by Roger Flint April 08, 2009
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The bruised outside ring of an anus after intense anal intercourse or other such regional trauma. It is also a band.
The guy on this video has some wicked deer hoof going on.
by Char H January 11, 2006
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A male version of a cameltoe. When a males pants are riding up or so tight you can see the outline of his penis.
BOB: Did you see John today?
JOHN: Yeah! He has the biggest Deerhoof.
by Chad Jinglehiemerschmidt April 05, 2008
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