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1) When a person uses something or someone to calm and/or panic themselves while gaining a temporary boost of false confidence. These unique, honest and freedom loving people may not be aware of their actions when they are stuck in the state, but they are addicted to the feeling of false hope and usually found in the middle of a dramatic situation or 2, or 3. They think deeply and convince themselves that they can't cope and usually live a crazy, abnormal lifestyle due to the fact that they were hurt emotionally as a child and having to teach themselves everything, Deepers are forced to grow up admiring and loving themselves. They eventually block out their emotions and deep thoughts and when they are awakened again they would automatically doubt everything because they finally have to go through THE HONEST OF HONEST TRUTH Although deeping can be slipped in and out of like a penis or a vibrating fucker it simply will not give the pleasure deepeners need, in reality they need so much more.
Deeping Make-believer, Soul Escaper, Anxiety Creator, Over-Thinking, Physcotic, Worried, Clueless, Deeper, Deeping and Deep as fuck ah fuck yea! A state of Being, false beliefs & fals hope, bad jokes, long *okes, fat *okes.. Annalysing, over- working, heart is racing, in denial, will deny, denying, its hard but I try, to change my mind, feeling ashamed im upside down like a dead goat that doesn't even fucking float, self-manipulator, condemplator, for fuck saker, such a faker, babe im lucky not u
by OnFreeWaterOffTap July 31, 2016
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