Uk slang for when you want to understand and take in something that someone said or happened.
*mate gets stabbed* help! you should’ve done something!
*other guy* bro deep it, what could i have done to save you?
by KarzFTW July 5, 2021
The situation at hand does not require such desperate actions or "stop being so dramatic"
Person A: I'm going to die if I don't get tickets to see one direction!
Person B: It's not that deep
by ronnie246 May 24, 2014
When someone thinks something means more than it does ,or overthinks it
What if he didn’t text me back because he doesn’t love me anymore”

Man stop deeping it ,he probably just hasn’t seen your text yet”
by Uptown_blues July 22, 2019
Deepest part of ones anal cavity.
The police searched the deep of my Anus for drugs, I had an itch in the deep of my anal cavity.
by Bigbar01 January 13, 2015
when you look into something more closely or "deeping life" is more common where someone is self-reflecting themselves or evaluating themselves or when you think of something with more consideration and where not expecting that something to occur.
"Just deep it was never expecting my man to do that."
by ManlikeMuni. Your tings MC. August 19, 2017