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Dedra is someone who knows how to dance sing and act. She is the most AMAZING teacher you could ever possibly have. She can teach you more things than you will ever know and beyond. She is beautiful inside and out. Once you know her she nor you will ever forget eachother.
She is just plain Awesometastic.
She can dance sing act and is beautiful she must be named Dedra (:
by Thesearewordsandyouknowitnow November 05, 2011
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Super cute, super funny, loves the Beatles, And has a smile that says everything she cannot, Dedra's are the girls that know what their looking for, and won't stop untill they find it, She is definately a keeper so hold onto her, and she will hold onto you. keep her near, look into her eyes and say "I am so lucky"
p.s. They are great kissers ;)
person 1: dude is that Dedra?
person 2: yes it is :)
by Beatle298 December 23, 2010
Happy St. Patties Day!
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