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pronounced: d-sep-t-cunt

1. A female Transformer allied with the Decepticon faction.

2. A female who uses deceitful tactics or other masterful strategies to lure as many of the male species into her bedroom for the sole purpose of acquiring their money, drugs or semen.
Such a female may be alternatively referred to as a slut, whore, gold digger or succubus among many other nouns.

3. A female on the internet who uses images of another woman, usually a friend or unknown model, in order to lure sad little nerd virgins to her Palace of Love for sex.
Said poor little nerd will willingly obey as he is aware that he can get no better and will finally lose his virginity.
Said female is usually ugly or fat or a mixture of both resulting in fugly, generally the type of woman one would call an air strike on or man the harpoons.
1. As of yet, I am unaware of any female Decepticons, but if one did exist, the following conversation would likely take place between the two Autobots known as Skids and Mudflap:

Skids: Dayum blud, (or oil, dunno which a robot would say),
did u see dat fyne piece of Chromium Alloy pussy ?!

Mudflap: With my own 2 eyes dawg, but dat hoe she a Decepticon,
u not see dat tatoo on her perfectly spherical booty?

Skids: Shieeeet negro! hoe's a decepticunt!

Mudflap lets out a hearty chuckle
Skids and Mudflap proceed to brofist, transform and then drive away.

2. Whenever a woman divorces a rich man, not very hard to find.
Usually also where ever you may see interracial dating, especially if the male is white.

3. Craigslist, /r9k/
by rzhhhh August 25, 2009
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1. A man or transvestite masquerading, or running around disguised as a woman.

2. A cross dresser
I brought a girl home to have sex with her, but then I saw her penis and realized she was a deceptiCunt
by the great white ghost July 18, 2011
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A female who is significantly less attractive at close proximity than she initially appears from a distance.
- Do you think I should go talk to that bodacious babe over there?

- Nah, man, that's a decepticunt if I ever saw one. It might be just a shadow, but I'm pretty sure her whole face is concave.

- Bummer.
by Stormageddon, Bane of the West January 27, 2012
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A female who can pass as a decent human being . Most people like her . But behind closed doors she is human garbage. A black hearted pure evil demon. Who could trick the devil himself. Impossible to see it coming she projects a Trance with her sweet mermaid like songs that come directly out of her battered and war torn vagina and lures you to you icy cold death ... often perceives as kind sweet and caring and beatiful ..but dnt be fooled she is as fake as plastic tits
Man that Sylvia had me fooled. I never saw it coming . I thought she was so kind but she a real decepticunt thundercunt whore gold digger
by BIGGBEEZY December 14, 2015
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