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Palace of Love

1. The Palace of Love in it's most simple form is
one's bedroom, one in which a couple perform the art of love making on a regular basis.
A requirement is that all parties included are physically satisfied (emotional satisfaction is not required) else it is not a Palace of Love, but a shag pad.
It is not required that those performing the act are a couple, or in love. It is also not required that there are only two people at any given time, though it should refrain from becoming an orgy.
It is preferable that such a room is large and has soft sheets/pillows and some dark colouring.

2. A slightly more advanced version is where the bedroom takes a luxurious form containing a four poster bed, soft sensual sheets/pillows and where everything is mainly dark sexy colours such as small amounts of black and a large amount of deep red.
Under these conditions it is now required that only a couple use this room OR multiple women please one man.
It is also required that any women inside the room during a period of usage, climax multiple times.
In such a place fucking and making love will coexist, usually within the same session.
Emotional satisfaction is not required but preferable.
Such a room is likely to belong to a rich Indian or person of South Asian / Middle Eastern decent, possibly (and preferably) a gorgeous female and even more so a Hindu, as this seems like the sort of elaborate get up that is suited to them, they did invent the Kama sutra after all...

3. In it's most advanced form, the Palace of Love is the same as in number 2. with some key additions:
It's actually a Palace, and there are probably trained tigers and maybe an elephant or two waltzing around.
Such a place would be ideal to take your Indian/Middle Eastern bride for your honeymoon or better still the entire wedding.
You and/or your bride (or groom if you are a woman reading this) do not have to be Indian/Middle Eastern, anyone with enough class (and money) can enjoy such luxury, and the love making that it comes with.
Such a place will near exclusively exist only in the Middle East/India, Dubai is your best bet.

A: I took my woman back to my shag pad where we made some extremely sweet love.
B: Whoa! you just transformed your shag pad into a Palace of Love homeslice. You'll be making babies in there soon!

A&B proceed to chuckle, brofist and walk off into the distance to do other manly things, like blow stuff up


C: My new (rich) Indian lady friend took me back to what she called her "Palace of Love" and now... wow... I seriously think my balls have no juice left
D: I am so jealous. I have nothing more to say.

D goes to find himself a beautiful (rich) Indian significant other.
C is left with his mind blown for the next week or so while his balls restock their ammunition.


E: Where are you taking the new missus for the honeymoon?
F: Over to Dubai, I hear they have a lovely Palace of Love
E: rofl, when can I expect your return?
F: Probably never

E&F brofist.
Note: for the purpose of example 3, F and his new woman are Caucasian
by rzhhhh August 25, 2009
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