The highest combo you can get in the latest installment of the Tetris franchise, Tetris Effect. A Decahexatris is achieved by accumulating a 16 row combo when the mode Zone is active (which is activated when the player fills up the meter by clearing lines, which then puts the game in a state where the blocks are frozen in place until the player decides to move them). Once the Zone meter goes down, it allows players to essentially clear 16 rows at once, beating the past highest row combo you could get which was 4.
Friend: Dude, I think Trey is going to get a Decahexatris

Me: No way, that's nuts!
by Pseudo-ephedrine June 29, 2018
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The ultimate play in a game of tetris-effect, clearing 16 lines of tetris blocks in a succession while "zone" is active.
by Marksman762 June 28, 2018
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Synonym for impossibility. Achieved when you have reached super natural comprehension of a video games mechanics . If you succeed in this endeavor you will transcend space and time.
"I've wasted a total of 15797 hours of my life to this game just to get the decahexatris"Ted declared.
by T spin January 9, 2019
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The best score u can get in Tetris effect, 16 lines cleared while In Zone mode.
by Never.mine June 28, 2018
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