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Cheese dip is a horny ass bitch that creams endlessly even when dry humping. The juices are so thick that you can dip a tostito in that shit and have a meal.
That girl is a cheese dip.
by suspect April 07, 2004
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Bruh the fuck you lookin' up cheese dip for? This ain't fuckin Buzzfeed headass recipe bitch. Well since you thirsty ass hoe lookin' for some cheese recipe here ya go:

- Bleach
- Cheese

Put in microwave for 45 seconds on high or until melted

Serve with salsa or any other salty ass sauce.
Enjoy you fuckin hoe.
"Yo Ryan you made some cheese dip?"
"Nah but I made mustard gas"
by definishion February 08, 2019
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Cheese dip is the thing you think of right after you are wanking and you think of your mother. The thought that comes into my mind when that happens is 'cheese dip'. it is quitee strange but it gets me off even when i smell carrot and no cheese what so ever. Which is odd in my life as i own many cheese factories, like charlie and the chocolate factory but its more like andrew and the cheese factory. except i am much cooler and own as i said before many cheese factories. thats what cheese dip means to peoples odd legs that are often shorter that their fingers and buim pubes.
"ohh yeah thats the shit yeah uhh cheese dip uhh*SPLAT*uhh yea, good fuckin cheese dip"
by Andrew May 20, 2004
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