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emos who dye theyre hair once a week, call any type of music with screaming "screamo", and have bisexual tendencies towards oliver sykes. epicly fail at being different. basically emos with bright colours.
Metalhead: have you heard lamb of gods new cd?
Scene fags: "oh yeah i love screamo".
Metalhead:"its metal.i should through you into a mosh pit. rip those lip rings right off".
Scene fags:"liek ohmygohd metal is gay".
Metalhead:"Go take it up the ass while gauging your earlobes and listening to BMTH ".
by keepskatin'bro April 21, 2011
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Someone of the scene style. Usually overdoing the look to the hella degree. Bandana out of right pocket, etc.
Scenefag: today i bought some jeans that are a size 1

John: But arent you a size 10?

Scenefag: yes.
by Lord Farquad III September 17, 2008
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1. A scenekid poser. Usually combining prep clothes with aspects of scene ( big hair, neon colors, bows, etc).

2. Someone who dresses up in a scene/emo fashion and claims to be hardxcore.

3. Someone who thinks that owning a babycakes t-shirt automatically makes them super hardxcore scene.
See that girl over there? With her hollister shirt and girl mullet, what a scenefag!

That guy was telling me all about his show last night, he was such a scenefag.

There were soooo many scenefags at the bbycks tent at warped tour!
by decay decay August 09, 2009
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Anyone that is trendy, follows and sucks corporate dog cock.
Typical Scene fag convo:
Emo kid: Hay guys lets go to hot topic and buy linkunt park cds

Emo kid #2: Yeah! and then we can go cut ourselves and pretend our lives suck!
by Almirshok March 12, 2010
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well,lets just say scene is the dumbest thing to happen to this earth, ever.
"scene" kids are seriously the dumbest things in the world aside from scene itself.
myspace is full of them. all bands these days are full of scene assholes. hot topic
is nothing but scene anymore. scene kids are ugly. they have ugly hair, and do their makeup
ugly. they must be really insecure, because they have so many friends on myspace
and 12 billion picture comments. scene "queens" and "kings"? what the hell..
most people are shocked when the actually see a scene kid, because there arent that many
that are actually true "scene" kids. i always thought that "scene" was like a scene.
like the metal scene, punk scene, and now there is a scene scene. personally i cant wait for
this whole scene thing to die.
kid #1 :hey man, check out those scene kids.

kid#2: ha, scene fags. that guy looks like he has no balls. and that girl looks like a racoon ho climed out of the 80's portal

kid # 1: what?

kid # 2: nothing, mypoint is scene kids suck
by yosandruh May 11, 2008
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