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Something which has not yet happend.
The NES sold about 60 million copies and the SNES sold about 50 million. By the 32/64 bit period in gaming the whole number of the market increased. The Nintendo 64 got beaten by the PSX sold over 90 million copies and the 64 sold about 32 million copies. 32 million console sales still brings in alot of money though. Nintendo's latest home console is the gamecube which has so far sold almost 20 million copies, very similar sales to microsoft's Xbox. The PS2 beat them both with over 100 mllion sales though.
Nintendo's game boy handheld console realeased in 1989 is the highest selling console of all time and sold over 150 million consoles internationally. The game boy colour sold over 1 million units in Australia alone and worldwide sold more copies then the 64. The game boy advance and gba sp sold roughly 50 million systems world wide. Nintendo's newly realeased Nintendo DS has so far beaten the PSP's sales but the PSP was realeased alot later, so the PSP may take over eventually.
Nintendo's next console to compete with the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be called the Nintendo Revolution.
The truth is, Nintendo's games aren't aimed at kids but for all ages and people who would like to play a fun game, regardless of how much violence it has. (Which is often turned down by Sony Fanboys, 9 year old casual gamers.)
Nintendo say they cherish their hardcore gamers but want to increase the total gaming population. But making a revolutionary system and drawing in casual gamers are two completly different things. Though we can not yet say for sure if the rev will be any good, if it is good it may still die (It's happend before.)
Even if Nintendo's Revolution fails, they currently still own most of the handheld market, and if that failed they could always become a software only company.
Death of Nintendo... an unlikly future event.
by Marbarian August 26, 2005
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Something that was avoided after the Nintendo DS was released. It caused It's stocks to raise above that of Microsoft. The DS has a battery life of 10 hours, 2 screens, 2 processers, graphics better then that of the Nintendo 64. It uses game cards, instead of cartriges. It will blow the Playstation Portable(PSP) into dust. Reasons include: It's battery life is 2 1/2 hours, OOHHH WOW. It plays dvds witha battery life of 1 hour, the graphics are good, but not as good as the DS's, they are shy of 64 bit. They have ripped off nintendos touch screen technology due to a touch screen keyboard. It has more unecessary features then the PS2 and XBox combined, even the DS doesnt have that much unecessary crap. It has online support with 1 hour worth of battery power and will be released in 2005 with a price higher then the DS($150+ American) Whoever buys this console is buying a crap machine. The DS may be an odd new system but. Its innovation and graphics. Along with nintendos hard work have created the ultime handheld gaming system, only to be matched by the Game Boy Evolution coming 2006/2007. Not much is known of this system, spare better graphics then 64 bit, we can only hope for a mini gamecube :D. The nintendo DS's games are no longer kiddie, with the addition of a GTA game for it and the game Feel the Magic - XY-XX, the DS has more "T" rated games and features 3-D racing and sports games, nothing the GBA could handle. The death of nintendo is only a lie now, the Nintendo Revolution will probobly put Sony out of business.
The original creator of this definition obviously is a 11 year old sony nerd.
by Ol' Drippy November 18, 2004
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Nintendo gaming consoles were, for a very long period of time, the monopoly of the gaming industry. However, advances in PC gaming technology, as well as the intergration of the failing Sega company into the growing Sony Playstation market, and the introduction of Microsoft's X-Box, have proven to be potent in a market which Nintendo has been unable to succeed in the past decade... the adolescent market.

Nintendo's marketing strategy consists of gearing itself towards younger gamers, which more child-like titles, while at the same time attempting to win back it's nostalgia fanbase with remakes of classics such as Zelda and Metroid. Unfortunately, in the face of powerhouses such as the GTA series, Halo, and PC titles like Half-Life and pretty much any game Blizzard makes, Nintendo has been unable to compete with Sony and Microsoft.

This has lead to what some people believe the Nintendo Gamecube being the last Nintendo system (much like Sega's Dreamcast). The opposition to this are, the aforementioned 'nostalgia' gamers, who during the late 80's earlier 90's, instead of actually studying in school or working and getting money, played 'The Last Great Console' (NES or SNES, depending on what moron you ask) all day, and are now 30 year old males sitting in their parent's basement longing for the 'good ol days' when game challenges consist of whether or not Mario was going to move the direction you told him to.

Nintendo's latest marketing ploy is the DS, in an attempt to winback the handheld gaming industry in which it has dominated with it's Gameboy. However, heavy advertising and anticipation for Sony's PSP prove to be more than a match for Nintendo.

The 80's are over people. MJ is a pedophile, Alf went back to his planet, and Nintendo is a has-been gaming company.
Nowadays, whenever I visit a friends house, and the idea of playing video games come up, it's either Halo 2, GTA:SA, or a Sony sporting game... not Mario Kart on SNES you imbeciles.
by The Sub April 26, 2005
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