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Typically a smooth playa known as the female version of John Tucker. She can get any guy she sets her mind to. Deandras are usually brunettes and tend to be the 3 t's (tall,tanned,and talented). She's a sweetheart but make sure you don't get on her bad side because she can hold a grudge. She is loved by many and disliked by few but those few usually are jealous girls or guys that couldn't get with Deandra. To sum it up, everyone should want to be a Deandra
Any guy would be lucky to get with a Deandra

I got with Deandra last weekend and it was the best weekend ever

Oh man did you see how many guys Deandra has been playin? She's got the whole world at her feet

by italian123 March 31, 2009
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The coolest girl ever. her name is hard to say but its worth it cuz shes chill.Everyone knows her and loves her
Deandra is so cool so get to know her
by bakerrr January 02, 2009
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A calm cool and collected female. One of the most loyal females you would ever come across will treat you amazing. Will Leave her mark on you. Loves you for you and is very supportive and caring. And she will never let you hide what you are feeling
Hey I meet this girl name Deandra and man is she a keeper.

Man my girlfriend Deandra love me so much and she always believe in me be having me questions her some times.
by Darren Wilson May 16, 2019
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Daernell: you need to zooms in brah It just a Deandra with a pimple on it.

Jim: Too late I've already comensed.
by ugly nigger July 10, 2011
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A word one may use to describe an odor so extreme, that it would offend most zoo animals. It's been noted on several occasions to cause temporary numbness and disorientation... Beware!
My god that was terrible; I wanna say it's almost as bad as a Deandra!
by Powers281 April 10, 2010
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A mean person who has undergone a series of events that can damage one's cells of the brain.
That girl is very Deandra.
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