Worthless employees in large companies are dead wood.
I got finally got a promotion but everyone in my new group is dead wood.
by Frizbee Dog March 7, 2006
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A weak errection due to poor health.
"And let’s face it—a man who stuffs his belly full of dead pigs in the kitchen
only to deliver dead wood in the bedroom becomes a big bore"

by Hesitant Wang September 1, 2004
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Someone who has had enough kids to suck all the humanity out of them, they spend their pitiful existence sitting at the public pool watching their army of children having fun while the parent sits suffering with the thought that they need to drive their kids to ten different sport practices at the same time. In summary, this stereotype is a parent who creates enough stress/busy work for themselves that they eventually turn into a husk of what they used to be before they where married. And the kids get zero attention and turn into little monsters due to neglect from attention desperately trying to be spread evenly across all the kids while balancing a mountain full of busy work
I was at the pool the other day and a big Dead Wood family came rolling in and they had the blandest look on their faces!
by Kingdom Miracle November 30, 2020
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