Occurs when you have been conversing with a close friend and one other person they know who you don't know. You're friend then leaves, placing you in an awkward situation with the other person, especially when neither of you have anywhere else to go. Often people will find a way to leave only to stand in another spot where the other person cannot see them.
Person: Sooo, John just left.
You: Yeah, he did.
Person: He's a cool guy.
You: Yeah, he is.
Person: Yeah...yep
You: I'm gonna go
Person: Me too, this is dead talk
(neither have to go anywhere)
by ABman March 31, 2009
Statement, usually stupid, sarcastic, and/or indicative to a sexually moronic male who uses cheap shots to incite feminine ire. Word play on "dead man walking", i.e., referencing the near-status of said tried, convicted, and soon-to-be-dead male. If said male wished to live, he best STFU.
Guy: (Come-on line)Soooo...ya hear that new blonde joke with the...
Girl: (Interrupting): (yells): Dead man talking!
(All other women in the room lean out or off of their cubicles/workspaces/barstools with a deathglare on their faces)
Guy: Nevermind.
by k2kate January 28, 2009
Typically the last words of someone being killed, or a victim pleading for their life.
Police officer one: We have a "dead man talking" on camera. Police officer two "Oh shit"
by mlhiss June 1, 2020
The saving grace that runs through the minds of the mass of upper-crusty beneficiaries of Jeffrey Epstein’s recent “suicide.”
Instead of a “dead man walking,” we may be spared since he has become a dead man not talking!
by Dr Bunnygirl August 12, 2019