A family which is dead. no further said
John: I have a sporty family!
Jane: I have a smart family!
Jessica Disappointment: I have a dead family.
by SmidgeDaCat1010 May 4, 2020
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A kindly kinship. A tightly knit though loosely organized group of elders who did and do look after my best interests. All share a common love for the music of Jerry Garcia.
"Hey now, do you have a place to be?
"......Uh...I am looking for my friends but I think they left me here.... I don't know how to get out of here or where to go. They have all my money and the car keys and all....."
"No worries. Come on into our bus, my wife is making Bananna/Spirulina smoothies and cornbread. We have a camping permit as we are vendors. We have an extra pull-out bed you can sleep on tonight and you can find your friends tomorrow".
".......That is really nice of you. Thank you. Am glad to find Grateful Dead family.
by Justathrowback March 30, 2011
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Also GDF. The Grateful Dead Family is a clique which composes mostly white people between ages of 18 and 35. Most of these members can be seen at music festivals. Your average gdf member can be seen wearing a a tyedye or colorful shirt with trippy patterns or artwork, a hemp necklace with a gem wrapped at the end, and always a colorful, overpriced 'heady' hat under brand names such as Grassroots California. Not to mention, most are mal-nourished/have unkempt hair(see: wook). They can also be seen usually selling various profitable items such as packaged food, bottled water, gems on a string, and especially: drugs. Never buy a drug from someone who may potentially be gdf because chances are it has been cut multiple times. These people may claim that them and their group are out to spread love and peace while ridding their minds of negative judgements towards people and branching away from the "american dream materialistic" lifestyle. They say this and then they proceed to rip people off and steal almost any unattended item they come across. They supposedly look after eachother and keep everyone in the family living a long, happy lifestyle but in reality these people can barely look after themselves. Many of these people will most likely see rehab a few times before they die and also will never hold a steady job where they can then raise kids... they think that the other family members will help them during hard realizations like this, they wont.
Man, I'm glad we're not like those grateful dead family fags and have real family/friends who care about us, our health, and our progressive plans for the future." "I hear ya dawg. fuck those wooks.
by iHATEstupidWOOKS April 27, 2011
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Its your family members that have past that are looking down on you and watching after you.
by DevilGirl97 October 10, 2018