Dead Birds
1.) Noun: A central Valley mock "hardcore gang" with no purpose, since thier belief systems follows something similar to; "No tolerance for no tolerance." No rival gang (yet), basically a bunch of retards who started it in highschool, and don't realize the whole idiocy of it all.
They have a myspace. They have a freeweb. They are utterly pathetic.
Each member is named after an actual bird, and they may do KeWl little things to it, such as "hawx" *Gag*
Shags; "Yo, Hawx what up?"
Hawx; "Not much, just making a list of friends."
Shags. "COOOL! How many?"
Hawx. "Give me a minute, I can't think of any."
Shags. "Um. Well. You have the Dead Birds."
Hawx. *silence* "Ohhh yeahhh!"
by Johnny Phs. October 4, 2006
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A Hardcore gang in the Central Valley of California. Includes various freaks and misfits. Each member has a name, and of course, each name is a bird. The founders call themselves; Hawx and Shags.
The gang has no specific purpose, with no prominent enemy.
Me: "Dude, why the ---- do you have 'Crow' tattoo'd on your wrist."
David crow "Porque I'm a part of Dead Birds now, ese."
Me: "Dear god, they got you too?"
by Sammy Hawx[not] September 26, 2006
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Dead Birds por vida is a Visalia/Tulare 'crew' made up of a few friends. All had to go through initiation, not counting the founders and a member, Finch.
The majority are against ignorance, and such. Basically, A bunch of nobodies with no life.
It's a joke, not meant to offend hardcore gangs, but just go mock the ignorance that goes a long with it.
They pose no anyone...except themselves.
Yo momma; Oh shit! Here come the dead birds!
Me; What the hell are you talking about? It's only a bunch of wierdos...
by Jess Martinez October 11, 2006
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A large branch of the Marijuana plant that is loaded with buds ready to be smoked.
Dude, your plant has a lot of Dead Birds!
Thanks dude.
by megastoner420 March 21, 2011
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One who thinks they are funny or cool, but in reality are stupid or a flamer.
"Hey why don't you kiss my left nut! HA HA!"
"Dude, you're such a Dead Bird, that line is so old."
by Kdra May 22, 2006
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An act performed with a penis on a large window. caawing sounds are made and then the penis is splattered on the window.
"Caaw Caaw"
"What was that noise?"
Splat... Dead Bird
by Big Dorp February 26, 2009
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