1. Noun: Short breed of bird hunters that have all-time shitbag status. Tend to complain about ever responsibility given.

2. Verb: to avoid responsibility by generally staying, “ummm... no?”. Generally includes putting hands in pockets and disappearing to an unknown location until the end of the work day.

Usually used with the suffix ‘ed’ as in DeVored
Verb. My boss told me to pull concrete fiends, but I just DeVored my way out of that shit.
by ShitbagSPC February 9, 2019
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It's bolivian for Devour.
"Those cookies are mine! i'm going to Devorate them!" - Fez
by richierych2013 November 24, 2009
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a hatred for people outside the U.S.
John: you see those cheap dirty Indian's eating curry over there?
Tyler: Yeah, I devor Indians their almost as cheap as a Jewish Persian and almost as dirty as a Mexican.
by Dave Lapa October 15, 2008
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A pig ignorant fatuous moron that wouldn't know balls if he got sat on the face by a water buffalo. Somebody just so gay that simply being around them gives you the want to be a homosexual. Somebody who acts so incompetently ignorant and retarded that it makes you constantly want to break their neck. The personality that one exhibits constantly makes you second-guess you're willing choice to breathe. The one who constantly walks around packing a 2 mm defeater acting like his shit don't stink. A possible school shooter and whose mother is anything but a respected human being.
Dude Mason went fishing.
With who Dame?
Was he screaming 24-inch walleye?
Yes he was they're both so stupid.
Tell me about it I hope they both get hit by a train.

" The next time I see that Mason DEvore kid Iam going to rip his head off!"
by ✠Mrcatmanjr✠#8191 June 27, 2022
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A very intelligent, sweet, caring and sarcastic male human being. He is also very attractive with beautiful eyes and long lushes eye lashes.
by Hahahahafacts May 30, 2019
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A term used to describe a cute pet that is both adorable and you could just eat them up, figuratively speaking.
Devorable Devourable
by Demera October 10, 2013
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