A derpy vagina that during intercourse will have a muscle spas and suffocate the male genitalia it is usually very painful for both party's and can also result in a early mensturl cycle
Dude, yesterday I was banging Cindy and she had a derp twad and my dick hurt so bad and she bled on me!
by Footballnick77 June 25, 2014
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When one takes a dick pic on Snapchat and makes a person out of his penis with emojis and drawings on it.
I got bored so I started to dick derp on Snapchat.
by dezertwhore April 9, 2017
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1. (v). When someone takes a noggin nose dive. 2. See Eat Shit. To mistakenly fall on one's face in an embarrassing or Derpish fashion.
My roommate threw me a goldfish snack and I missed it and totally turf derped on my bed.

He missed the soccer ball and totally turf derped.

I kicked the barstool out from under him and he turf derped so hard I snorked.
by Perry Springfield August 3, 2012
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The art of dropping something you shouldn't have been holding in the first place.
"don't twiddle-derp the punch bowl, Steven, you're quite drunk."
by Godd'm June 8, 2019
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A sexy man, the only one of his kind. He has a derpy face, but he's really cute. You won't go wrong if you choose to love this sexy man. He spends his days jerking off to porn and talking to his friends.
Watch out! Ultimate Derp is jerking off again! BOOM!
by TheOnlyWasp April 17, 2018
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