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Verb: To remove the presence of semen or Cum.

The act of DeCumming can be used by removing the cum within the testicles through furious masturbation or sex.

The act of DeCumming can be used to remove Cum from hair, face, body or within the body.
i'll be over soon. Just need to DeCum.
by NotABadger77 June 23, 2017
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The proper term for sexual intercourse between ten people; most commonly used to refer to a man and nine women.
Man #1: Dude, you know that girl that's got six sisters right?
Man #2: Yeah, why?
Man #1: I had a decum with her, her sisters, and her mom last night.
Man #2: But that's only nine people.
Man #1: Oh, and her cousin.
by Clubclem May 05, 2013
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