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1, To remove Scottishness
2, To modify Scottishness.
What Scottish businesses are doing at the moment to appease their American customers in the aftermath of the Megrahi release.
Not limited to Scottish companies. For instance a Mexican company whose logo was bagpipes or a wee sleekit temerous beastie or something could be seen to be Scottish & could therefore become commercially disadvantaged by this judicial faux pas. They would, no doubt choose to...De-Scottishify.
The Scottishness which is being removed or modified is the superficial Scottishness such as the tartan, the sporran, the ginger hair. The Scottishness which lies beneath the surface however is not altered. The meanness, the E-numbers, the moaning & groaning, the religious hatred, Dundee, is not visible in the corporate spectrum & therefore it remains intact.

De-Scottishification renders Scots people exactly the same as everybody else.
I can descottishify myself by drinking less whisky & eating less porridge & haggis but no amount of moaning & groaning can bring him (Megrahi) back.
by Manny Shinwell September 14, 2009
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