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A disposition that generally arises with the middle child of three children in a household. Middle children often lack the attention that the oldest (the most important child) and the youngest (the parent's favorite child) receive.

Middle child syndrome is often characterized by: lack of friends (a loner), inability to maintain relationships, extreme creativity (writing, music, art, etc.), an easy going personality, trouble choosing a career path, trouble maintaining a career, quick loss of interest in things, negative outlook on life, half-assing, and indecisiveness. Famous middle children include David Letterman, Madonna, and Richard Nixon. Need I say more?
I am a middle child. I suffer from middle child syndrome. Therefore I am creative in writing this, but also extremely middle child-esque for writing this melancholy piece.
by Senobakaj May 03, 2009

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De La Salle is a private, Catholic, all-boys high school located in Concord, California. The school is most well known for its football team which won 151 straight games from 1992-2003 under head coach Bob Ladouceur. The streak ended September 4, 2004, when the team lost to Bellevue High School of Bellevue, Washington. Famous De La Salle football alumni include Amani Toomer, Aaron Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, Doug Brien, Cameron Colvin, Matt Gutierrez, Derek Landri, David Loverne, Kevin Simon, Demetrius Williams, and DJ Williams.
De La Salle's football team won 11 straight CIF North Coast Section titles from 1992-2003.
by Senobakaj May 31, 2009

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Johnson County, Kansas, is the wealthiest county in the state of Kansas, and the 31st most wealthy county in the US with a median household income ranging in the mid $60,000s. According to the 2010 US Census, Johnson County had a population of 544,179. Grouped together, Johnson County is the largest population in the state of Kansas.

Three cities in the county ranked among CNN/Money Magazine's Top 100 Places to live, with Overland Park ranking ninth, Olathe 11th, and Shawnee 39th.

The two richest cities in the county are Mission Hills and Leawood. Mission Hills' average median household income was $188,821 in 2007, while Leawood's was just over $117,000.

To the rest of Kansas, Johnson County is known as the snobbiest part of the state. The county has strong republican roots, and is home to many of the wealthiest people in Kansas City. With a 20.6% population increase from 2000-2010, one can imagine the county will only continue to grow in the years to come.

The three items that best symbolize Johnson County would be: George W. Bush, large SUVS, and Polo Ralph Lauren.
Person 1: Hot, rich, republican...
Person 2: She must be from Johnson County Kansas.
by Senobakaj March 24, 2011

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