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An amazing girl, very attractive, exotic, sexy, mysterious, big hair and so much fun to be around. Basically her broken english will make you laugh everyday.
Wow, did you see that girl Dayani? She is just like a tropical flower!!!

Dayani: I need to go to babyruss to get something for Jordan.
Amanda: What? Where is that? Did you mean babies 'r' us?

Dayani: Watch how fast I can run!
Charlee: Wow, that girl is like a chihuahua
by HotMommy88 July 13, 2011
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Dayani is the best girlfriend you could ever have. She will Make you smile everyday. Her jawline is flawless. She is the perfect girlfriend you will find. Her smile. Her laugh. And most importantly her personality. She is so so gorgeous, but she might say otherwise. She is jealous. But its only bc she cares for you a lot. They say jealousy relationships wont work, but this one is gonna work just fine. She has a warm heart. Caring for people. She will never give up on you. She will always stay with you till the end. She is so loving. And once you date her you will never want to leave her
Did you see that girl?! She acted like dayani!
by Urkle. 21 November 25, 2017
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Dayani is a beautiful girl, smart, funny, kind, as well as a bad bitch. She is a very loyal person, but once you cross the line there is no going back. She can be nice, but can beat the shit out of someone. Everyone wants to be around her, and want to date her.
Dang you saw how Dayani dragged Taylor
by Karli Pagie May 15, 2018
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a weird crazy girl who disagrees with everything her friend says, also smart but a dumbass, nice but can sometimes be a bitch, fun to be around but really annoying, cool but a wimp.
Dayani: i hate it how there are double standards girls are just as good as guys

i like mcdonalds but im also fit
by Genius20 May 18, 2011
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