Davidson High School is a shitty school in Michigan that received nation headlines twice in the last two years. In 2016 nude pictures of one of the slutty high school girls ended up being sent to some of the teachers. This made the attention seeking ho happy as well as the teachers but it was never discovered who was doing it. And then in 2017 some idiot took hundreds of nudes from dozens of the slutty girls in school and posted them on line. Again, the slutty girls were happy for the attention but the police were not amused and the stupid guy was arrested. The slutty, attention seeking girls were called victims and given hugs and treated like heroes instead of just hoes.
Davidson High School is infested with slutty girls that will do anything for attention.
by oceancats May 28, 2017
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Est. 1952, ranked top 5% of national public high schools.

The Students-
The majority of the student population has about 9 polos in their closet, a mirage of Khaki pants, shorts, and for girls, skirts. Preppy is probably the most common style.

The Popular Girls- They play sports ie, Softball, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, or Golf. The softball team is pretty amazing. They wear jean skirts so short that you can see their underwear when they walk-Seriously, I'm not kidding. They wear tight tshirts and carry designer bags. They drive convertibles or large SUVs and it's pretty much a rule that to be in this crowd, you have to 1-have a father more rich than God himself, 2-Have a tanning bed in your basement or go tanning at least 3 times a week, and 3-Party more often and harder than Motley Crue. These girls often go to Church on sunday with their families with lots of make up to conceal the hickies and or dark circles from partying all night. Most of them lose their virginities at age 14.
The Jocks- North has a pretty decent athletic program, and it caters to boys. Football, Baseball, Basketball and Soccer are the games of choice. All of them party with mentioned popular girls, and listen to rap music that talks about things they've never experienced. Most of them scrape the C required to stay on the team, but there are a few that are in the top 25.

The Druggies- Often mixed into random groups, these kids mean business. They party with everyone, and usually throw the parties themselves. Not only do they smoke a ton of green, but Coke and Pills are on the rise. The school parking lot before class is often populated with these kids. Most of them drop out, but for the select few that are geniuses, some of them get into college and come back in a few years to teach.
The Band Kids- Possibly the largest 'Clique' within North, and has cliques within itself. The kids are in general NHS members, and brilliant. Most of them are sexually active, but if not then they are the Christian Baptist do gooders. The band is actually a really good one, and puts on a great Halftime show at the football games, way better than the Cheerleaders. Oh, and they really do have a crazy band camp. Seriously, ask a band member about it.
The Fine Arts Kids- North's Fine Arts program is a pretty decent one, and like the athletic program, on the rise. The art program puts several kids in North Carolina School of the Arts, SCAD and Parson's School for Design. The art building is probably the least maintained in the whole school, yet provides a funky atmosphere. The Theatre Kids put on 4 shows a year and now have started selling out. The Teacher is amazing, and everyone in the school knows Mr. Evangelista, even if they've never taken a theatre class. The school is soon going to become a Fine Arts Magnet School. The Chorus Girls and Gay Boys are also really good, they usually send several students out to competitions around the state, such as Mars Hill.
The ROTC Kids- A group made up mostly by boys. These kids have planned their life around joining the Military, and basically subject themselves to mental boot camp. They are also mostly made up of future rapists, serial killers and sociopaths.

Overall the student population is like it is at most high schools. The population is almost entirely Caucasian, Christian and upper middle class.

The Faculty-
The majority of the teachers went to school here and their children do as well. They went to public universities and got their respective degrees. Aside from a few that have amazing life experiences, most of them are typical people.

The Administration- While the majority of the principals spend their time focusing on hunting season, being masculine and football, a few of them are pretty cool.

The Campus-
There is no pool. The basement has leaky boilers in it, and the library smells like a grandma's house. The campus is set up according to the departments- The English Hallways, History Hall, Science Hall, Spanish Hall, Math Pod, Art Building, and the Gyms. There are 2 tennis courts, a football stadium, a .25 mile track with pole vaulting equipment, a cross country trail that snakes through the surrounding woods, Baseball and Softball Stadium, and soccer fields. Two Gyms, Wrestling Area and work out rooms (Conditioning Room). The Auditorium holds 600 some people, and the band has it's own bus and Instrument trailers. The Robotics/Engineering Shop is huge and the Mechanics shop is also. The home ec rooms leave something to be desired however.

Overall, it's a really good school. The teachers in general care as long as you are in an honors class, and are well qualified. There is an abundance of clubs and teams that you can join, and the campus though old, isn't that bad. Most people just complain because they need something to say.
Oh and, it's almost required to paint the rock before you graduate.
North Davidson High School has small parking lots.
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