a person who likes to debate no matter how annoying he must get to prove a point. This person is usually determined to delete all girfriends who are dating his friends or rather try dying to make them leave his friend. no one knows why but davids get defensive of their friends.
Lane: Don't pull a david!
D-ennett: You're a fag! NEVER GET A GF BECAUSE I NEED YOU!
Lane: what???
Chris:.... stop making fun of my gf because she will hunt you down if u even try anythign with me.
by gregoriodarwin May 01, 2008
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Davids are the HOTTEST guys you could ever meet! They are usually Chinese and like paper air planes, minecraft, and pretty much being a nerd. They have VERY cute butts.
Person 1: Whoah that guy has such a cute butt!!!
Person 2: I know his name is David!
Person 1: Oh that explains a lot...
by 09o8ikuyhtgtbnyntiu January 24, 2013
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Fucking assholes. little bitches. will down vote the top david definition on urban dictionary
they have gross butts too
cool vines tho
santa: fuck is that david?
mrs clause: ye he just pooped his pants. he's so ugly too. i hate him. why does he exist. one time he peed his pants in the third grade and it dribbled down the leg of his pant. it fell onto the carpet and the entire class saw. it was disgusting. we called him david sir pees a lot until the seventh grade. in the sixth grade, he spilled his guts all over the cafeteria lunch lady. she cried. we felt bad and baked her a cake. david didn't help and ate half of the cake and then puked on her again! overall, a real noggin.
by justflopitin March 03, 2017
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Light brown eyes cute smile hot looking guy. all girls attracted to him. Chill funny guy knows how to have fun times with girls.
Girl- hey who's that cute guy over there?
Her friend- that's david he's so cute omg

Girl- im gonna ask for his number

Her friend- no I'm gonna ask for it too
by Alyssa Thomas April 22, 2017
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1)a type of scatchy material used to wipe your ass
2)a guy who walks around in a towel
3)an annoying person who sleeps all day and doesnt do their homework
1)dude my ass is sore from using a david
2)why's he walking in a towel? oh hes just a david
3)stop being such a david and do your homework!
by moe0 November 21, 2008
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