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A man named Dave who secretly wants to be a woman, brought on by the feelings of seeing his doppelganger of the opposite sex (Megan). Combination of the name Dave & Megan.
Man, Dave has really made a good gender transition to Dave-An.
by -Wilf- July 13, 2018
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A boy who is tall and brooding. He can be kind and can be mean. He is very athletic and caring for others. He may seem self-centered, but on the inside he cares a lot about the people around. He is very loyal, but if you hurt him , he will not be looking for a relationship afterwards. He is very controlling, strong, and annoying. He may be aggressive but he just jokes around.
Did you see davean? He made the football team!!!
by Anna Clark June 12, 2017
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Davean is a mostly quiet person and only talks to people he considers trustworthy. He is extremely caring towards the group of friends he has and would go through great links to protect them. When he’s faced with competition he typically goes over the top but is good at thinking on his feet. When around friends he doesn’t care about what people think about him and sometimes does stuff that even surprise himself. Usually the kind of person that sings in the shower or when no one’s looking.
I can’t believe that Davean did that last night!
by Jacob Grant May 31, 2019
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