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Used to exemplify a sentence, proclaim interest in something, or as a greeting or complimmentary close. Very similar to "Udigg?" Or "Knam Sayin?" Popularized by rapper famous dex and rap group migos.
Ex. 1"Damn you copped that new benz?!"

"Dat Way"

Ex. 2
"See you later homie"

"Dat Way"
by Jboy27 January 26, 2017
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A term used in Atlanta, Georgia USA simply can be used and projected what ever the situation it's used in; simply meaning "for real though" or "you feel me" or "agree"(Offset, artist from Migos)
"I'm scoring 40 plus on 2K dat-way! "
by Jaykeem March 14, 2017
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A popular term used in Atlanta. It's used a lot in rap culture. In one of Soulja boy's newest mixtapes (Ignorant Shit) he used in his song That Way (Remix).

The word itself is used to say something is really fly or cool
Soulja Boy: That way, That way, That way
Mess with lil soulja it's gun play (Bow!)
I'm sipping lean no Bombay (no Bombay)
I hit the trap with my Kanye's (Errr!)
That way, That way (Ouuu!)

Jack: Nice shoes dude they new

Max: Yeah man datway
by TJazer January 29, 2017
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A term that's used by a person who doesn't have very high intelligence, usually doesn't have a car and can't go no way..
by Thotboi69 October 03, 2017
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Migos doesn't know what else to rap about so they simply say..yea datway. Because they're retarded as shit
Yea datway. My name offset and I can't rhyme so datway
by Rydamon May 18, 2018
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to go the right way, to affirm the right way
I'm from the A, datway!
by goochgrundler January 28, 2017
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