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Very similar to the meaning of derp. Has a hidden meaning of being awesome. If you are a derp, you suck and you have no hope. If you are a darp, you still suck but you have hope. It can literally mean anything though. Darp is what you make it.
Man, everyone has been catching the darp fever these days.

God, Kayla and Alexis are such darps.

Darp forever man.

AFD: Always fucking darp.
by Darp King July 13, 2011
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One who takes a dip or puts chewing tobacco in their mouth in nashville, TN. also known as slarp
You are such a darper.
Lets take a darp, nigga.
Girl you stank take a darp.
Brett let's take a darp.
by iiikolaiii January 08, 2009
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A person that takes it in the butt.
"Dude, you let him bone you up the butt?"
"That's gross you fucking darp!"
by Steve Deed March 03, 2005
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stretchy dick with excess skin; if played as an instrument, it would be a harp.
"I was really surprised when I came home & found my boyfriend just out of the shower playing his darp to Kenny G's greatest hits."
by ProgPrincess September 05, 2009
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Dumb Arrogant Retarted Person.AKA shaw. A person who thinks that they are the shit..when thats exactly what they are, but not in the good way.when you call someone a DARP it is also referred to as someone who has done way to much Coke and is fried like a zombie...aka DARP zombie.
1)that shaw kid is a fucking DARP.when the fuck is he gonna kick the coke habit.and stop touching other peoples girls.Im gonna rock the DARP in the fucking face.
2)someone kick the DARP zombie out of the fucking party!
by Kristoffer1818 September 27, 2007
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