scum coming from the worlds biggest toxic waste dump, and 1 of britains worst towns as voted by the readers of the news of the world.

can also be somebody who supports the football leagues most success deprived team, having never won silverware and finished bottom of the league most times, which is of course dar-low fc...shame they havent quite managed to disappear from site yet

the good people of hartlepool can be proud that theyre football team has entered division two and is pushing for division one, wheras the loids are sinking into oblivion, courtesy of Georgie Reynolds, (see saviour and messiah)
we gonna shout the darlow scum
by nim May 27, 2004
Supporter of Darlington Football Club

Darlo + "oid"

Used derogatorily by the "chimp-chokers" (q.v.) and subsequently adopted as badge of pride by Darloids themselves
by Stan Grytviken April 1, 2003
supporter of the north easts oldest league team (except for maybe sunderland) who unlike the monkey hangers have won plenty of silverware, the closest hartlepool having come to winning any, darlo went and won it instead...

also having the great pride of beating theyre local rivals in both legs of the 2000 division 3 play offs, having a bigger average attendance throughout the years and not finishing bottom as much as hartlepool...
to the idiot who posted the previous definition... when has there ever been toxic waste dumped in darlo?

how come hartlepool was voted worse than darlington, albeit not by much??

why did the idiots of hartlepool kick off when they found out that the monkey they voted in as mayor was really a dude in fancy dress???
by southerner in the north June 21, 2004
Team beaten 60 times by Hartlepool, while winning only 56 times. A team (unlike the previous poster) who Have finished BOTTOM more times than Hartlepool. A team that does not have a higher attendance than Hartlepool throughout the years. A team that have played in the 5th tier of English Football, commonly known as NON LEAGUE , more than Hartlepool. A team that has been in ADMINISTRATION twice, whilst Hartlepool have never been in administration. A team who were once owned by a convicted criminal. A team whose average home attendance is approx 12.5seats for every one who attends, allowing all the fat lazy Loids at least the 2 or 3 seats they need to put their fat backside on.
Darloid and the worst type ....Quarkerz andy parkakitjhodgie1divas
by shuthefckup December 5, 2011