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Team beaten 60 times by Hartlepool, while winning only 56 times. A team (unlike the previous poster) who Have finished BOTTOM more times than Hartlepool. A team that does not have a higher attendance than Hartlepool throughout the years. A team that have played in the 5th tier of English Football, commonly known as NON LEAGUE , more than Hartlepool. A team that has been in ADMINISTRATION twice, whilst Hartlepool have never been in administration. A team who were once owned by a convicted criminal. A team whose average home attendance is approx 12.5seats for every one who attends, allowing all the fat lazy Loids at least the 2 or 3 seats they need to put their fat backside on.
Darloid and the worst type ....Quarkerz andy parkakitjhodgie1divas
by shuthefckup December 5, 2011