Someone who arouses your dark desires
He's more then gorgeous, He's a darkling -

You drive me wild, my darkling -
by BeeWitching June 13, 2013
A term often used to name the wicked, ashen-skinned humanoids that are often seen on the cliffs of Ingharia by passing boats and planes. They are seductive in nature (much like succubus) and always seem to feel as if they're staring straight into your heart.

It is said that darklings form from evil acts such as murder or rape, but it is truly been proven that each darkling is a human that was killed in ruthless battle against a warrior with no heart (now called Selym, see definition).

They prefer warm areas, oddly enough.
That darkling sure was scary!

I'm sure that a darkling will come and get you if you're not good tonight, sweetie!
by Laleryx December 9, 2010
A little annoying girl who never goes outside or has contact with society other than contacting odd people via internet.
Darkling; you annoying little cunt, GET THE FUCK OFF THIS FORUM AND GET A FUCKING LIFE!
by Foofoo November 4, 2004
the hottest and the most fantastic villain ever
“i will strip away all that you know, all that you love, until you have no shelter but me”- the darkling, ruin and rising
by darklina September 19, 2020
Followers of popular British rock band The Darkness, The Darklings is a collective phrase for more than one darkling
"I'm going to go to Lowestoft for a get together with The Darklings"
by dark-darkling05 October 15, 2005
Those who follow The Darkness. They are not strictly those who retreat into depression or like all things black. I would say the darklings are for the most part a happy bunch, so happy, in fact, that they enjoy the company of those who do have one color palette.
Ted says he became a darkling by accident one day, when raking leaves. A sudden whim came over him to split-jump over the leaf pile. He did, and, staring into the mustard-colored yellow leaves he saw that he, like the little maple leaf, was now part of a bigger thing. "the darklings!" he whispered, face towards the sky, "the darklings!"
by smantha May 28, 2004
A term used in the movie "The Covenant", to describe imprints of dead people that show up in the middle of the night and scare the crap outta you! (seen in the movie by Caleb and Pogue)
"Dude, this darkling just showed up in my house!"

"A darkling appeared to me in a dream last night."
by LVKF September 18, 2006