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A term often used to name the wicked, ashen-skinned humanoids that are often seen on the cliffs of Ingharia by passing boats and planes. They are seductive in nature (much like succubus) and always seem to feel as if they're staring straight into your heart.

It is said that darklings form from evil acts such as murder or rape, but it is truly been proven that each darkling is a human that was killed in ruthless battle against a warrior with no heart (now called Selym, see definition).

They prefer warm areas, oddly enough.
That darkling sure was scary!

I'm sure that a darkling will come and get you if you're not good tonight, sweetie!
by Laleryx December 09, 2010

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The name of a far distant land that is uninhabitable by nature. It was long ago settled on by adventurous men and women who were looking for the fabled Selym, but to no avail was their search.

They eventually left the forsaken wasteland to end their search and start new lives in the real world.

Long after the settlers left, creatures of darkling spawn began to appear. Over a years time, they transferred their souls into the heart of Ingharia, a massive flower-like creature that is said to inhabit the Earth's core. Ingharia is now unreachable by land or sea.
I've heard stories about it Ingharia school, but it's not really all that neat! Flowers? Pfft!
by Laleryx December 09, 2010

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A song that is usually sung when a person is killed by the mythical Selym. It is sad and full of grief, reflecting the pain of Selym, and also reflecting the pain of the loved ones who were left behind by the murdered person.

It is said that when the Dirge of Dark Spawn is sung on a cloudless day, the darkling usually formed when killed by the Selym is sent to the afterlife instead of residing in limbo in Ingharia.
It was so terrible...the blood...and the Dirge of Dark Spawn...it made me feel like there was no hope for myself anymore.
by Laleryx December 09, 2010

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