The ass hair around one's lower buttocks and buttcrack that is visible to an individual being mooned while looking up from a lower elevation than the mooner. Often times, the dark side of the moon is used from 2rd floor windows or higher in Apartments or Dorms for full effect.
"Hey, is that Kevin down in the street?" "Hell yeah!- He's fixing to see the dark side of the moon!"
by Broojas April 21, 2016
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An album by the legendary band Pink Floyd. Released in march 1973, it is considered, and is, one of the best albums of all time. It may not contain the greatest songs by the band, but the layout is amazing and the concept as well. If you want to have a great time, play the whole album on vinyl. Loud.
Here's the album layout :
Speak to Me : The intro to the album.
Breathe : Very relaxing song, with great lyrics. Wait. I'll stop here with the lyrics, since EVERY song in this album have great lyrics.
On the Run : Psychedelic sound made with synthesizers (or whatever you spell that word)
Time : Considered one of their best songs, Time starts with a fucking loud ringing noise, and then there's this amazing intro and then you have a great rock song.
The Great Gig in the Sky : Rick's Wright piano with a women singing, without any lyrics. Just singing and screaming. It's weird, but very beautiful.
Money : One of their classic songs. Also, a great sax solo and one of their best guitar solos.
Us and Them : Relaxing, mellow song.
Any Colour you Like : Again, psychedelic sound made with synthesizers, and with Gilmour's amazing guitar sound.
Brain Damage : This is the song that actually talks about the concept of the album. Great song.
Eclipse : One of the most amazing endings to an albums.

Dark Side of the Moon is one of those very few albums that you can hear again, again and again without getting bored of it.
There is no Dark Side of the Moon, really. Matter of fact, it's all dark.
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by ThingsIdRatherNotSay July 30, 2018
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Did you here what Jon & shanice did last night? There were mia for 3 hours because he was on the dark side of the moon.
by medicneballer April 18, 2021
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I finally fucked Tiffany in the ass! But bitch was so drunk she took me to the Dark side of the Moon before I could pull out!
by Vulgarvernacular November 12, 2020
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